Research Work

Cape Town 2012

Their pre-research included literature studies of several non-fiction authors of South Africa and seminal readings on authors such as Paula Friere, Abdou Maliq Simone, Edgar Pieterse and other referential authors in this area of study. The research was channelled into several group exercises within a work shopped environment in which broad conclusions on themes and possible solutions to be investigated were discussed.

As part of their programme a research trip to Cape Town was planned, made up of an intensive two week focus period of tours, lectures and small scale research projects to determine ‘Future Visions’  for Cape Town and possible identify ‘Seeds of Change’ during their time in the Mother City.


Zanzibar 2011

"...I'm not going-to-cook-it, but I'll order it from ZANZIBAR!!!"
Jack Black, 2005

Two weeks after completing my masters dissertation I received the news that my fragile leftover self would be able to join the University of Pretoria's research expedition to Zanzibar's Stone Town.

The trip was planned over the December break and would have us in Tanzania for three weeks over Christmas. With no other way to say no and the possibility of an East African adventure I happily agreed to help in the search for:

'...the intangible values that makes Stone Town a World Heritage Site..."

Click HERE to download the Research Report


Maputo 2010

Down town Maputo, known as the Baixa, is the oldest part of this city in decay. Colonised by the Portuguese in the early part of the 18th century, the city was at one stage planned to be the new capital of Portugal before the war of Independence.

This complex layering of history and site was the site of a University of Pretoria research study in July 2010.


N2 2010

A pre-masters research trip across the country in search of public Architecture that actively engages with its so-named 'community'.