NGO Work

Above my studies and work I have been very fortunate to have made some been involved with some exciting projects on a personal level.



1 to 1 - Agency of Engagement; Johannesburg:June 2012 - Present
My role: Co-Founder & Director
1:1 (one to one) refers to a scale of approach towards design; a scale of developing solutions through active building, a scale of an engagement that reflects humanist values in its approach and output.
1:1 is borne from the current gap in the Architectural education & practice of South Africa. Currently there is little scope in schools to equip Architectural students with the skills and experience to effectively operate and be of value in the country's largest sector of development. Equally so there is little precedent of practice's successfully maintaining a presence or producing sustainable design solutions for this area. 

Stemming from lesson learnt during post graduate work undertaken by the founders of 1:1 have assembled this entity in light of the current shifts in national policy around informal settlement upgrade and a growing collective conscious in regard to socio-technical design.

For the full story of 1:1 Click HERE

CORC - Community Organisation Resource Center; Johannesburg: April 2012 - March 2013
My role: Technical Support

A core element of my training has been providing technical construction, spatial and planning services to the Johannesburg branch of the CORC.

The Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) is a nucleus for professionals and grassroots activists who think independently yet plan and act collectively. It is the hub of new synergies between development professionals, local project workers and collective action. CORC provides support to two different types of community networks who mobilise themselves around their own resources and capacities.

The first are networks of informal settlementsthat are mobilised around specific issues: land, evictions, informal settlement upgrading, basic services and citizenship. The second are women’s collectives that are mobilised through savings. * taken from

Slovo Hall; Slovo Park, Johannesburg: April 2010 - November 2010
My role:  Co-Designer, Builder, Fundraiser e.t.c

During my post-graduate studies we researched, designed and built a multi-purpose hall through a participative community based approach in Slovo Park, Soweto.


Football For Hope Centre; Windhoek, Namibia: April 2009 - Feb 2010
My role:  Design Development Phase- Co-Designer to Paul Munting, 3D modelling, drawing production.

In 2009, I assisted Architecture for Humanity in the design of the Special Olympics, Football for hope Centre in Katatura, Namibia.