Monday, October 17, 2011

Masters Dissertation - Milestone 7

Milestone 7

Die bangste bobbejaan spring die verste...
(Studio Fairy,2011)

The end draws near... With only a few weeks left to go we have handed in our documents, as they are, to our external examiners and are all now in damage control mode; fixing everything we can as much as we can with the time we have left. The term 'Architectural Triage' comes to mind as the best way to describe how the work ethic is currently being done. 

The Final Crit
How are final presentation works is as follows, our final marks are broken into two subjects: 

DIT - Technical Design and  DPD - Design (Theory, Process, Concept e.t.c )

The marks are awarded by a panel made up of 12 or so internal and external jury members chosen by the school. Each mark is made up of 25% from your study leader, 25% from your individual external, 25% from the external panel and 25% from your internal panel as whole. Our actual document, which occupies 50% of your year time, actually counts for nothing, but is used by your study leader and external examiner to understand your project.

The judging takes place over 3 days in Boukunde, and each person is given a 10 minute shared slot to present their framework with their group, a 30 minute slots to present DPD (Design) and a 30 minute slot to present DIT (Technical): 5-8 minutes to explain your project, 10 minutes to answer questions from your external, and the rest of the time to answer questions from the panel.

The entire panel receives a small booklet made of single pages such as the one below:

This is an extremely stressful time of the year, as times slots are tightly followed and the entire building, specifically the masters studio, is a fury of nerves and stress induced energy - waiting to snap.

My Half of the studio - my desk by the window

We had two stress related incidents this year, one heart attack mimicking panic attack and another a bit more serious, both taking place in the studio. Its quite an amazingly powerful how the mixture of sleepless nights, unhealthy mental and physical living conditions and one all consuming in one small environment can manifest.  

Our symbol of the Studio Stress, those involved will understand

Friends will be at each other throats over music volume issues, laughter that once were not even registered will tear at your mind like nails on chalkboard, self preservation takes hold as you find yourself holding back, out of fear, information or resources that you know would benefit others, but you might need at some stage - people's personalities will reveal their true form. 

Conversely stress will also reveal the weirder side to the studio as we experienced:

Our conversion into animalism...

Our lack of clothing boundaries...

The source of my wisdomous quotes

Self explanatory

Read closely...

No explanation required
The Great Koffee Off; it may sound lame - ok it is - but we kept track of how much coffee we drank and made bets as to how much could drink in the year, it got a bit excessive...

Shim; we had made the acquatience of a shy young model earlier the previous year. As the nights grew longer and our stress levels increased, she got more adventourous - as did we.

Shim - in all her glory.
Each addition was incremental and organic in nature...

This next section may not make any sense, but just appreciate that Archi Students under intense deadlines\ stress will still find time to mess around:

Our own Bombasties se HIV crowned prince of middle-turnia-bank

El Beroon...

....Le Erotique

Die mal hasie...

Are you not entertained!!!!!!!!

Ogres are like onions you see...

One man, one choice...

No explanation required

Our own desert fox

Why not?

The pièce de résistance, our own Darth Laubscher...
My Work Space

If anyone has been wondering what the conditions in a masters studio are like, below is the spatial atmosphere that has enveloped me all year. 

Please note: the couch/bed, touch of greeness in the dying Ficus, Shim standing watch, the supply of foods and other basic living resources by the kettle, the only view of the real world - a small window that nearly caused me hypothermia in winter.

Standard issue studio supplies: energy medicine, coffee, sugar, kettle, fridge stacked with unmentionables, emergency escape room signified by dinosaur emblem. The usual.

Its almost sad to leave this mess of a space, but it must be handed over to the next generation of near suicidal, ego-maniacal, sadistic students we have so wonderfully become. 


Monday, October 3, 2011

Milestone J.1 (Draft 1 Submission of Chapters)

Milestone J.1 (Draft 1 Submission of Chapters) 

                                                            Masters student 1: How'd the presentation go?

                                                            Masters student 2: The only way to describe that, was as a gang rape of a crit.

                                                            Masters student 1: I see...

(Studio moment, 2011) 

Final Chapters 

The year's marks are decidedin your final presentation, You are assigned two external who reads your book before and are present at your final presentation. 

Although the book counts for less than the final presentation, it has been an exremely useful tool in organising and explining the process and my thoughts to myself and my study leaders. 

My first complete draft for my dissertation submission. Still havn't finished chapter 8 or fully rendered the design drawings in chapter 7, but here it is in flash format (give it a few mins if it doesn't show straight away):


Less than 40 days until the final presentation.  

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